luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Blaxploitation Lives!

Melvin is a legend...his son Mario...nnnnnnot so much. Ya can't choose your family though, right? Don't miss out on this groovy soundtrack for Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song performed by Melvin Van Peebles and Earth, Wind & Fire! This here is a blast to watch and if you're a fan of funk and soul this ain't no jive ya filthy crackers!
By the way, more on the way including Nora Orlandi Giallo goodness and Lucio Fulci! Drop by as soon as you can!

Morricone Monday

Ennio tackles yet another solid Giallo with style! Decent film, ugly child (Anita Strindberg went on to play the ugly but sexy Greta in The Antichrist) and an incredibly emaciated George Lazenby far from his Bond glory. Chi l'ha vista morire? or Who Saw Her Die? is still an enjoyable watch and a fantastic listen. Morricone always puts forth his best effort.
WARNING: This release appears to be missing Track 3. If anybody has this release with all tracks in place please contact me.


I'm extremely sorry for being gone so long folks but I've been busier than hell working on my book and my monthly magazine articles. Shit has definitely been hectic. I promise to have some new uploads in the next day or so once my website reviews are complete. I'll get up or or two Gialli scores and a straight up horror flick. Feel free to leave some comments and requests as well as any scores/soundtracks you'd all like to share with one another. Catch you all later.